GigOne™ was invented by French drummer, Maxime DEGROTTE. Like many innovations, this came from a personal need. After having taught drums for 10 years and played in several bands, Maxime has made an observation shared by many other musicians, some musical instruments are really difficult to transport. In 2018 he decided to find the best way to transport his favorite instrument without occupying space in his vehicle. And in the summer, the first prototype of GigOne™ was born. Sadly it was too heavy and similar to existing products in the market. Maxime persistently thought about the best way to optimize the concept on other devices, and finally found the idea that makes the identity of GigOne™: an all-in-one product, to be used both as a transport cart, and as a support for his instrument. With a desire to improve the space requirement, transport and assembly/disassembly.

Innovation Rewarded with the Gold Medal at the Concours Lépine

GigOne is more than just a musician’s accessory. It is the outcome of a passionate love for music and an unwavering commitment to innovation.

It all began with the idea of creating something that would revolutionize the world of music and assist musicians in their craft. Something that would simplify their lives while transcending existing norms.

Participating in the Concours Lépine in May 2023 provided us with the opportunity to meet other inventors and share our vision with the public.

It was at the end of this competition that we had the immense honor of receiving the gold medal in the category of “art and creation”. This distinction crowns years of hard work and legitimizes the efforts we have put in.

Today, GigOne is growing day by day with a single idea in mind: to revolutionize and facilitate the on-stage experience!

©Nathalie Tirot – Concours Lépine.



Drum teacher and innovator, Maxime has devoted his time to providing musicians with the best solution for people who transport their instruments.

With his sharp perspective as a mechanical engineer, Laurent helped design the GigOne and develop the latest product.


Passionate about photography and communication, Samuel shares with us his experience to promote the GigOne