The first all-in-one device for musicians

Manage low back pain
Less round
Minimal space requirements
Memorize your position


May 2023 witnessed GigOne receiving the prestigious accolade of the Gold Medal at the Concours Lépine in Paris, clinching the top spot in the “Arts and Creations” category.

Ready in one minute

In just 1 minute, GigOne revolutionizes your transportation experience. This innovative cart cuts down your usual back-and-forth trips from 6 or 7 to just 1 or 2. It transforms into a structure akin to a rack, providing an efficient solution for moving your equipment. If you already own a tubular rack, seamlessly and conveniently transition by using your existing clamps on the GigOne.



No more being first in and last out, the GIGONE™ breaks the rules and allows the drummers to enjoy the post-show at the same time as the guitar players or singers ! It can also fit an electronic drum with a small kick pad!


Closely related to the drummers, they have the same issues, many parts to set up. Finding your exact position is quite a challenge. The GIGONE™ will help you to save your position and be able to find it in every gigs !


No need to raise your keyboard, simply load it on the GIGONE™, and it will become a stand for your instrument with a greater stability on stage !

Electronic musics

The GIGONE™ will assist electronic musicians in moving their equipment, and will reduce the travelling time to the scene. When you get on stage, deploy the gigone and set up all your equipment on the desk !


Tailored for on-the-go artists, GigOne provides an unparalleled experience. Whether navigating urban streets, rugged paths, or backstage areas, its all-terrain wheels guarantee seamless maneuverability and exceptional stability.

Whether you’re on a world tour, rehearsing in your garage, or capturing inspiration in an unexpected location, GigOne redefines musical mobility with wheels designed to take you wherever the music calls.


Whether it is for your percussion, piano, or electronic set. you will be to fix anything you want ! With these three legs, the structure is optimized to provide you with maximum stability with minimal space occupancy.



The GigOne™ during the manufacturing process

GigOne, the revolutionary transport cart

If you travel to give concerts, you’ve undoubtedly faced the same challenges we have regarding the handling of your instruments. So much energy expended and time lost in loading, moving, setting up, and storing… Today, all these tasks are nothing more than a distant memory thanks to GigOne, the all-in-one accessory that simplifies your life. Now, you can just enjoy your music.

GIGONE™ vous fait gagner du temps et de la place​

GigOne saves you time and space

Indeed, you will significantly reduce the number of trips to load and unload your equipment from your vehicle. Since GigOne has become your instrument’s stand, at the end of the concert, you simply fold the stand, and it’s neatly stored. Furthermore, as GigOne has a position memory feature, once again, you save time on your setup. Finally, you can leave your instrument on GigOne for transport, eliminating the need for numerous often bulky storage boxes.

The all-in-one accessory that simplifies your daily life.

You know it well, our musical instruments are often heavy and cumbersome. When we have to carry them multiple times a day, it’s our back that bears the consequences, not to mention the fatigue it generates. GigOne helps take care of us by sparing us from carrying, lifting, and thus exhausting ourselves. Let’s preserve our energy for the show! This musical instrument transport cart transforms to become a stand for your drums, percussion, piano, and electronic music.

L’accessoire tout-en-un qui facilite votre quotidien

GigOne, an accessory for everyone

GigOne was designed from personal experience as a musician. It was crucial that this innovative musician’s accessory cater to as many people as possible, which is why it can be used for four major instrument families. This tool was conceived and carefully thought out to be practical, easy to handle while securing our beloved musical instruments. The idea was to fully enjoy these musical moments without worrying about the necessary handling. We hope that GigOne reignites your passion to move and play music wherever you please.